What is Twizted-Reality?

Twizted-Reality is an IRC Network mostly made to have a nice place for talking to friends. Words said here should never been taken too seriously, we all love to have fun. ;)

Be Twizted! It's the best way to escape Reality!

The topic of the "main" chat channel should say everything. Find us @ irc.twizted-reality.com:6667

You can also use the Web-Chat to connect to our network (click the link below)

History and other interesting facts

The Twizted Reality network has been running privately for several years. Now we are ready to open the IRC web port to everyone. You're all welcome!

That's what we define important to keep a good chat, mostly forgotten/forbidden on big open-source-project networks. Sure, even there you can have some fun, but it's nearly impossible to speak as you want without getting killed or g-lined. That won't happen as long as we all keep the respect for each other on a nice level.

English only!

It's not a problem to connect from any country, but to keep a common language everyone understands you really should be able to talk in english.

Welcome to the Twizted World!

Remembrance For Sophie

S.O.P.H.I.E, Stamp Out Prejudice Hate & Intorrance Everywhere.

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